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Nyack College stands firm in its commitment to teach the basic values of Jesus Christ–faith, hope and above all, love. Founded in 1882, in the heyday of the American missionary movement, Nyack was the school to attend if a student wanted to serve the Lord overseas. Today Nyack continues to send its graduates throughout the nation and the globe; graduates who are fully prepared to serve the Lord in numerous professions, and through their testimony of faith and hope, bring the love of Christ to a seeking world.

Nyack’s students come from all over the planet and as one of the most diverse schools in America, representing many nations and many tongues, Nyack is a rich community of learners. Learning at Nyack is not just about academic excellence–it is also about learning to empathize with others. So we value our diversity as a pathway to learning to love.

Nyack’s online programs embody the essence of what it means to study at Nyack. Through our cohort model, students from many backgrounds study together for their entire program and thus develop strong community bonds, learning to understand differences and to appreciate and help each other. Each cohort is guided by a Primary Instructor who acts as the chief advisor and mentor for the students in that cohort, and most importantly, works to ensure that every student achieves their goal and graduates.

Our goal at Nyack is to serve the Lord by serving every student and helping each fulfill his or her calling and all that God has promised to each.

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