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*Minimum of 60 credits of completed undergraduate work required.

**Most programs require a completed bachelors degree

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Cohort Model

  • What is cohort learning?┬áCohort learning is when a cluster of students (10-25) are grouped together to begin, experience, and complete an academic degree together.
  • What are the cohort advantages to me as an individual learner? Online learning can be lonely and frustrating without classmates who know you and who are experiencing the same journey. The students in your cohort are your study partners and the people with whom you complete group projects; the primary instructor for the cohort is the group’s advisor, mentor and lead professor. The members of your cohort, students and faculty, become your allies and traveling companions on your path to successful completion of the degree. You do not have to travel alone! Nyack online embraces a cohort-based learning model to promote a supportive and socially interactive learning environment, to facilitate the building of meaningful and long-lasting relationships, and to empower students to stay the course through graduation.
  • How frequently do online cohorts launch? Graduate degree online cohorts launch every four months. Undergraduate online cohorts launch more frequently.
  • What if I need to take a temporary leave of absence? Because Nyack online cohorts are launching every four months, if a student needs to take a temporary leave, s/he can get back on course with a later cohort.
  • Can my church or organization start a private cohort? The size of the cohort must meet the required number (10-25) of accepted students.
  • What is the duration of each cohort degree? Depending upon the degree, each cohort is 16 to 32 months.
  • How long is each course? Depending upon the graduate degree, classes are five to 15 weeks long. Undergraduate degree classes are six weeks long.
  • How many courses are taken simultaneously? Depending upon the graduate degree, one to three classes are taken simultaneously, and this typically varies based on course length. For example, the MBA cohorts consist of five week classes that run consecutively, and no courses are taken simultaneously. For the undergraduate degrees, each class is six weeks long and taken one at a time.
  • Is there an on-campus residency requirement? Depending upon the online graduate degree (e.g. Mental Health Counseling), there might be one annual on-campus (NYC or Nyack, NY) residency (seven to ten days long). However, most of the graduate degrees do not have any on-campus residencies. None of the undergraduate online degrees have on-campus residency requirements.
  • Are there any online synchronous (real time) cohort meetings? Depending upon the degree, there might be a handful of required synchronous cohort meeting times throughout the semester; however, many of the programs do not have this obligation. Some degrees offer periodic, optional online synchronous sessions to provide a time to connect with faculty and peers, ask questions, or explore course material in a deeper way.
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